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What is Rayleigh Connect?

The rayleighconnect™ energy management solution is a cloud based metering software package that allows you to record data from one up to 4096 meters or other inputs. It can be used to monitor Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat meters or temperature sensors. Data from the meters is collected via pulse output or RS485 modbus RTU. Communication with the software is via GPRS, or Ethernet.
Access to the software functions can be via any terminal (PC, iPad, smart phone etc.) that has access to the internet, from anywhere in the world. Applications are available for iPhone*, iPad*, and Android devices.
A particular feature of the program is that pages can be laid out in a way that best suits the user. You simply drag and drop widgets to the desired position on the page to create your own dashboard.

The software can be configured to measure just one piece of information from a meter, such as energy consumption. This is typically from meters with pulse outputs. For devices such as multifunction energy meters, any parameter that the meter reads can be displayed and recorded by the software.
Meters from any manufacturer may be connected, providing the meter has a pulse or RS485 modbus RTU compatible output.

Because the system is cloud based there are no up-front charges for buying software. You simply pay a very small annual charge for the data hosting, website access and maintenance, which is related to the number of meters to be monitored.

Energy Monitoring

rayleighconnect™ Is primarily used to monitor and control energy usage in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It can communicate with any meter that has Modbus RS485 or a pulse output. (MBUS via convertor). It can be used to generate reports, invoices or alarms, for Electricity, Gas, Water or Heat consumption. rayleighconnect™ can also integrate with existing BMS systems or be used as a standalone platform.

Tenant Billing and Energy Reporting

rayleighconnect™ software has been specifically designed for ease of use by landlords. It allows them to remotely monitor their tenants Electricity, Water, Gas or Heat usage. This can be particularly useful in early identification of unusually high power usage. By upgrading to the reporting and billing package, the landlord can set up automated billing that automatically sends the tenant invoices at whatever frequency the landlord specifies. The invoice provides the tenant with a complete breakdown of their energy consumption. It shows exactly when energy has been consumed along with costs and totalised data.

Public Displays

Public displays of energy usage are a common site in many schools, universities and public buildings. They are a vital way of making students and staff aware of the importance of energy usage. rayleighconnect™ can be used to provide the data required for these displays. We have created a library of public display templates to choose from or we can produce custom designed displays as required.

Virtual Meters

The ability to display data in a variety of easy to read formats is a useful feature of rayleighconnect™. Virtual meters and gauges can be created to mimic digital or analogue instruments. These can be used to show comparisons of readings, for example the contrast of before and after voltage optimisation.

Solar inverters

Monitoring the output from a solar inverter is important to prevent the loss of electricity generation and feed in tariff payments. rayleighconnect™ can be used to prevent this by communicating directly with the solar inverter via its RS485 Modbus connection. It can send out alerts via email or SMS text should the solar inverters efficiency begin to decrease against sun curves generated by local weather data Apps.


rayleighconnect™ can control and monitor diesel generator sets remotely by communicating directly with the Genset controller. All functions provided locally to the generator by the Genset controller can be replicated remotely by rayleighconnect™.

  • Auto Start/Stop – Check fuel levels
  • Turn system on/off – Monitor engine speed
  • Check engine oil temperature – Engine load current
  • Engine oil pressure – Fuel temperature
  • Engine coolant temperature – Throttle position
  • Boost pressure – Manifold temperature
  • Battery voltage

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